Born and raised in England, I was able to visit much of Europe due almost entirely to the proximity of many countries from where we lived. Growing up, somebody thought it was a great idea to build a tunnel under the English Channel. This was a great idea since it reduced the transmit time from England to France by over an hour.

The ferry over to France was fun but when you could drive on to a train and arrive much quicker then why would you not want to do that. From a young age though we would travel on the ferry and head over to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I always enjoyed these trips so I carry these types of trips over to my family life today but since I live in Southern California now most of my road trips are throughout the state of California. But, there's a lot to see here.


Most of my travels incorporate western Europe although I've visited Asia, the Caribbean, and most of the United States. There are still so many more places to visit, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.