A picture paints a thousand words. When we view images of city life, landscapes, animals, flowers or even food & drink we are filled with many emotions and, in many cases, we can begin to smell certain smells evoked from our own experiences. We are sadly an inside generation these days and not just because of COVID-19. 

There are millions of amazing photographers worldwide displaying their works of art online within a blog, on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I don’t pretend to be anywhere near a professional but I know what I love, and I love photography of all kinds. I try my best which is all I can do and I hope that any one of these photos or posts stirs up a positive emotion for you. 

As you will find out, I enjoy macro, flowers, animals, black and white, and travel since they’ll make up most of my photographs. 

My name is Adam Toogood and I’m just an Englishman living in Southern California with my wife and boys.